About Us​

The Eninsol Story

The Founders of EnInSol have a combined 25+ years’ experience in the Microgrid Industry, but realized they had an aligned vision that the customer should be better served and the employee should be the biggest asset. 

Their goal was to build a hand selected team that would be so strong, it would be hard to tell who the boss was.  They knew if they could hold to this practice in their hiring process, they would be able to grow the business around that team, that they would execute for their customers at a level unparalleled.

Our Mission Statement

EnInSol was founded with the goal to build a team of like-minded, hard-working, forward focused individuals; that creates a culture where every employee enjoys going to work each day to exceed the expectations of the customer.  

It is our mission to nurture and preserve this culture, never compromising our product quality to our customers, and continually creating solutions for the unique challenges that are placed in front of us.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes from working with customers who have unequivocal trust that we will exceed the goals, and our team thrives off of that feeling.

Our Services

While our experience, skillset, and knowledge position us to provide turnkey microgrid solutions, from concept all the way through to system commissioning; our principal Services are centered around the design and implementation. 

We support microgrid technology manufacturers and customers providing resiliency as a service, but also have the expertise to serve end users who want to design, procure, and install their own microgrid solution. 

From temporary power setup & support to system control upgrades, from standby reciprocating engine generation to fuel cell demand reduction; we are capable and confident that we can offer an industry leading solution and deliver the highest quality service.

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