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EnInSol is a diversely skilled Contractor focused on supporting the reliable energy
needs of our customers through the development, design, and execution of microgrid solutions. 
Let us help bridge the gap to make your concept or idea become a resilient, stable, microgrid system.

Over 25+ Years of combined experience

The only true source of knowledge is Experience

EnInSol has years of expertise and experience, working with customers across a broad variety of industries, implementing energy solution projects across the country.  Our team is well versed and equipped to handle the project from conception to commission, or anywhere in between that best fits our customer’s need. 

Specializing In Retail, Industrial, & Utility Scale Applications

EnInSol is experienced in working with customers in nearly every arena of industry and commerce.  Our understanding and experience with Demand Response Microgrid Solutions gives us a market advantage when it comes to design and execution.

Retail Applications

One area that EnInSol is uniquely skilled is that of Retail Programs.  Our team has worked on numerous multi-site programs for several big box retailers across the country, some as small as 10 sites to as many as 250+.  We have a Macro/Micro approach to these high-volume programs.  We offer Macro-Level Project Management and Customer Interface, while still providing the high quality Micro-Level Site Management.

Utility Scale Solutions

Microgrids have been around for quite some time now, but with the continued advancement of energy technologies, the Electric Utility Industry has seen the value of microgrid solutions even at a larger scale.  Our team is skilled and qualified with utility infrastructure and microgrid solution experience that allows EnInSol to complete these large scale projects with the same high quality service.

Industrial Installations

EnInSol has worked with numerous large load industrial customers, and we understand the benefits a resilient microgrid solution can offer.  We take the time to understand each facilities day to day operation through personal interface with the site personnel, and take every step possible to implement the project with minimal impact to the facility.

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